2016 – Don’t Worry Be Happy


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1. Don’t Worry Be Happy/Winter Wonderland – Group Song –  Our First A Capella Vocalists:  Ed Beardsley, Joe Chapman, Mark Currier, Mandy Hollingsworth, Steve King, Mark Mesi, Morgan, Rachel & Robin Quaternik, Brian, Lauren, Scott & Yoli Whipp, Eric, Jodie, McKenna & Paige Whipp

2. Christmas Cookies –  Eric Whipp on vocals & strat lead licks, Joe Chapman on Bass, Mark Mesi on drums, David Moody on fiddle, Jodie Whipp on piano, memphis guitar licks and rhythm guitar

3. Winter Things – Morgan Quaternik  on vocals  – Paige on ukulele, Jodie Whipp on keys 

4. Brass on Buckle  – Robin Quaternik on vocals  – Joe Chapman on bass, Mark Currier on Background Vocals, Mark Mesi on drums and Background vocals, Jared Trujillo on sleigh bells 

5.  We Need a Little Christmas  – McKenna Whipp on vocals Whipp – Joe Chapman on bass, Eric on guitar, Jodie on Piano, Paige on alto sax

6. Last Christmas  – Paige Whipp (19)  on vocals,  Dennis Feinland & Jon Megerdichian on saxophone

 7.  The Man with the Bag – Jamie Quaternik – from 2007 – Rachel, McKenna, Paige and Morgan in speaking parts 

8 . Jingle Bell Rock  – Rachel Quaternik on vocals – Ed Beardsley on guitar, McKenna Whipp on background vocals 

9. Happy Christmas to You – an original song by Eric & Jodie Whipp – Jodie Whipp on vocals – Tom Corning on jazz guitar riffs, Mark Mesi on drums, Jodie on rhythm guitar, keys & bass

10. Jingle Bells – Bailey, Bentley & Q on doggie vocals

11.  Christmas Coming Home– McKenna & Paige  Whipp on vocals – Joe Chapman on bass, Mark Mesi on drums, Jodie on rhythm guitar & keys