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1. Next Christmas – An Original song written by Jodie Whipp – (Jodie on guitars, piano, bass, percussion, vocals)  Jimmy Hunter – additional percussion, mixing, production at Cazador Studios

2.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Mckenna Whipp (20) on vocals, Jodie on piano

3. Greatest Time of Year – Morgan Quaternik (16) on all vocal, Jodie on guitars, keys, drums

4. Christmas in the Sand – Paige Whipp (15) – on all vocals,ukulele, drums & bass guitar

5. This Christmas – an original song written by Jamie Quaternik (19) Jamie is on lead vocals. Paige and Morgan on background vocals.  Ed Beardsley guitars, arranging & co/production, Jodie on keyboards.

6.  Jesus was a Little Lamb – Tom Corning on vocals and guitar,  Robin Quaternik on bass and vocals, Mark Mesi on drums and Jodie on organ

7.  Silver Bells  – Rachel Quaternik (21) on lead vocal, McKenna on backup vocals,  Jodie on keyboards,  guitar, drums, Albert Reyes on bass

8.  Tomorrow is Christmas – An original song written by Mike Green and Phil Cody – Mike Green on piano and lead vocal, Damion Frigillana on drums, Don Kubec on clarinet,  Jodie on organ, bass & guitar

9.   Funky Bethlehem – Lead vocal (by number) – 1-Paige, 2-Robin, 3-Eric, 4-Morgan, 5-Jodie, 6-Tom  7–Rachel,  8-Albert, 9–McKenna, 10–Jimmy, 11-Jamie, 12-Don Whipp.  Jimmy Hunter on drums,  Mark R. Kent on bass, Paul Tokarz on guitar, Jodie on keysThis song was recorded and produced by Jimmy Hunter at Cazador Recording Studio

 Bonus Tracks:

 10.  It’s All About the Rub (an original song poking fun at barbeques and love, written by Eric & Jodie Whipp) Eric Whipp on lead vocal, Jimmy Hunter on drums, Albert Reyes on Bass Guitar,  Dan Schafer-all guitars & banjo,  Jimmy Hunter & Jodie on backup vocals, Jodie on piano.  This song was recorded and produced by Jimmy Hunter at Cazador recording studio.

11.   Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – From the 2000 CD (The first of our CD collection)  Paige on vocals at 2 yrs old.

12)  Little St Nick – from the 2009 CD


2 thoughts on “2012

  1. Joe Toledo

    As always thanks so much for keeping in touch and keeping me on the annual Whipp Christmas CD List!!!! Man…what a talented family! I heard everything from ukelele, distorted blues guitar and think I even heard some pedal steel on this release!!! OUTSTANDING!!! Well Whip’s….it looks and sound like you guys are rockin and rolling in beautiful San Dimas, California!!! Thanks again for sharing your Funky Bethlehem CD with Sue and I! We may may be coming out to Cali this summer…hope to see you if we do.

    Joe and Sue Toledo


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