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1. Every Day Is Christmas – McKenna Whipp (23) on vocals – Jodie Whipp on backing tracks

2. Jolly Old St. Nicholas- Morgan Quaternik (19) on vocals – introduction is from 2001, when Morgan was 4 yrs old

3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Paige Whipp on vocals  – Jodie Whipp on piano

4. White Christmas – Group Song – vocals in order of appearance:  Eric Whipp, Robin Quaternik, Pauly Vullo, Ben LaPointe, Mark Currier, Scott Whipp, Morgan Quaternik, Mark Mesi, Alyssa Garcia, Paige Whipp, Yoli Whipp, Jodie Whipp, Brian & Lauren Whipp, McKenna Whipp, Jamie Quaternik, Rachel Quaternik & Ed Beardsley, Tom Corning, Joe Chapman – Jodie on guitar

5. Rudolph  – Paige Whipp – a mashup of year 2000 (when she was 3) and new  – Paige is also playing guitar on this one

6. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  – Jodie Whipp on vocals, keys & guitar 

7. Holly Jolly Christmas  – Rachel & Robin Quaternik on vocals – Rachel on flute

8. The Grinch  – Jamie Quaternik – a mashup from 2006 ,with Judy Parrino & Robert Graves on additional vocals

9. Funky BethlehemLead vocal (by number) – 1-Paige, 2-Robin, 3-Eric, 4-Morgan, 5-Jodie, 6-Tom 7–Rachel, 8-Albert, 9–McKenna, 10–Jimmy, 11-Jamie, 12-Don Whipp. Jimmy Hunter on drums, Mark R. Kent on bass, Paul Tokarz on guitar, Jodie on keysThis song was recorded and produced by Jimmy Hunter at Cazador Recording Studio



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One thought on “2015

  1. Joe & Sue Toledo

    It wouldn’t be Christmas without the annual Whipp and Quarternik Christmas CD! Sue and I loved how you blended the kids from the time they were babies to now as young women….priceless! Funky Bethlehem rocks! Jodie and Eric, thanks so much for reaching out to Anthony…it means a lot to Sue and me. Wishing you peace, love and good health!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Toledo’s!


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