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Faux rock (artificial rock) is used in places where real stone is not practical or even possible.
In addition to installing built in bbq's, Concrete pavers and Alumawood patio covers We at Landscape Technologies also are creators of Faux rock or "fake rocks". There are many things we can do by incorporating them into the landscape.
We can enhance old pool designs by incorporating and installing artificial pool rocks within the pool area, including the deck and around the waters edge, or create huge boulders in an area where it would be impossible to install heavy natural boulders.
The cost of purchasing a real boulder, lets say 4’ in diameter, would probably be less than creating one, but you would not be able move or transport a natural boulder without some very large equipment. Faux Rock or artificial rocks give us much more flexibility
In this picture on the left we were working in a situation where the homeowner had no access to her rear yard without going through the house.
We demolished some existing concrete pads, and instead of hauling this debris away through the house we incorporated it into the landscape. Shhhhh! It’s hidden under the fake rock or “faux rock” boulders we created along with the faux rock patio slab!Talk About Recycling
The detail in our rocks are exceptional. We many times will exceed 12 colors to give the rocks a more realistic natural look.
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